Collingwood's New Jaffa.

Collingwood's New Jaffa introduces the Tunisian sandwich you need to try.

Good food


The ancient city of Jaffa.

“The menu offers some traditional meat-based dishes – try the homemade lamb and beef kebab served with a chopped tomato salad and green tahini dressing – but much of the menu is plant-based.”



The Middle Eastern

“Hummus is the main attraction at New Jaffa, a Middle Eastern diner in the backstreets of Collingwood. Owner and chef Moshe Ittah makes it fresh daily with traditional ingredients (chickpeas, garlic, lemon, oil and tahini sourced from Israel) using a secret technique.”




Home Of The Fricassee Sandwich.

"I’m sitting in a sunny courtyard with restaurant owner Moshe Ittah, pouring Turkish coffee from a tiny copper cezve. Overhead there’s a canopy of swaying palm fronds and blood red carnations. Oh yeah, and I’m in Collingwood, not Tel Aviv.”

Urban List


I perfect the vegan dining experience… 

“If you ask vegans what the essential diet includes, the majority will say hummus. New Jaffa has just that but in a traditional Israeli fashion. Served with a spoon and a bowl. Amen."

Messy veggies


Middle Eastern and North African influences.

“One of the highlights of that menu is the silky smooth hummus, made fresh every day. “In Israel, you have places where you can only get hummus,” says Ittah. “I want people here to understand that you can have hummus as a dish and not just a dip.””